Brad Phillips Releasing Two Recording Projects!  Kickstarter Campaign Officially Funded!

As a kid, all I wanted to do was grow up and be just like Neil Diamond.  It's true!  At a young age, I raided my dad's record collection and fell in love with Neil's music, and immediately set my sites on becoming a musician when I grew up.

Years passed, and my love for Neil faded into the background when I picked up the violin, and later the mandolin and guitar.  I took lessons, went to music school, earned bachelors and a masters degrees in music the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre & Dance, and made my way as a sideman in the Michigan music community, performing with Jeff Daniels, The Verve Pipe, Joshua Davis, May Erlewine, Seth Bernard, Drew De Four, Millish, and international icons such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Pat Metheny, Iggy Pop, Mark O'Connor, and others.

I love dearly the opportunity to jump in on other people's projects, especially when it is with people whom I care about deeply, both personally and musically.  While primarily living in the background, an intense desire to share my own craft was always raging, and I'm finally ready to go for it.  You've known me as the man behind all the great Michigan artists, and I’ve loved that role and all of the people I have played with.  Each and every one of the people who have entrusted me with their art have had an unspeakably massive influence on me as an artist, and now I’m stepping into the spotlight for the first time, using all that I have learned from everyone along the way.


More than two years ago, I began working on a recording project with an ensemble I put together called THE ROOTS MUSIC STRINGS, consisting of a folk rhythm section, and a string quartet.  The purpose of this group was to feature the string arranging side of my musical life, while providing myself with a chance to sing and play with strings and a band.  This recording features three songs by Michigan singer/songwriters Jeff Daniels, Brian Vander Ark, and David Mosher, as well as three original string arrangements of my own that were originally featured in the Saline Fiddlers around 2010.  THE ROOTS MUSIC STRINGS EP, is very, very close to completion.  I still need to record piano, as well as mix and master the tracks.

Just this winter, I was working on sound design and music for the Purple Rose Theatre's production of ALL MY SONS by Arthur Miller.  I set up my recording gear in a studio space on Liberty Street in Ann Arbor, MI with the intention of improvising some music on violin for use in the production.  A few hours later, I had recorded a collection music in the form of short, improvised pieces on violin, mandolin, octave mandolin, and guitar.  All of it was worthy of sharing with the world, and so, that is what I'm going to do!  It's not perfect.  There are imperfections, but I'm not going to let that stop me from sharing my artistic voice with the world.

RIDELLA'S CAVE -- THE LIBERTY STREET SESSIONS is as honest an expression of my deepest musical voice that I have access to at this time in my life.  All of the music on this recording was improvised in the moment, and will never happen again exactly the same way.  Thankfully, I captured it all on a recording, and I'm grateful to be in a place personally in which I feel comfortable to share it with you all.

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